Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of purchase
The general terms and conditions of this document regulate the relationship between Ticketzeta by UNIBLANCO srls, the maintainer of the website ticketzeta.it, ticketzeta.com and myticketzeta.it, the Organizers of performing arts and entertainment events (hereinafter "Organizers") and the Users who intend to purchase tickets (hereinafter "User").

Botteghino 3.0 - Ticketing and Access Control System, has obtained recognition of suitability from the Revenue Agency and Siae.
The System enables the sale and distribution, including outsourcing, of admission tickets for performing arts and entertainment events, using local, online and Internet ticketing locations.

UNIBLANCO SRLS is equipped with an extensive sales network, in fact, all users with a personal computer can connect to the ticketzeta.it site and have the ticketing service, at their home, to purchase and receive tickets, subscriptions or other services telematically, for a plurality of events (fairs and sporting events, casinos, theaters, concerts, museums, discos...), without additional telephone or shipping costs of the title.
The User who purchases the ticket, will receive it complete with all fiscal data and will have direct access to the event.

The ticket validity check will be carried out electronically at the entrance of the event itself; therefore, access will not be allowed to anyone in possession of a previously used, photocopied or invalid ticket.

1- Object of the service
UNIBLANCO SRLS provides in outsourcing to the Organizers of events/entertainment and entertainment events, the presale and distribution service of access tickets.
Events published on ticketzeta.it, ticketzeta.com and myticketzeta.it, are organized and managed directly by the respective Organizers.
By purchasing an admission ticket, the User confirms that he/she has read the regulations, understands them and fully accepts the general conditions.
UNIBLANCO SRLS reserves the right, whenever it deems it necessary, to modify and/or supplement these regulations. The updated version is always available at ticketzeta.it, ticketzeta.com and myticketzeta.it

2- Registration
In order to be able to purchase admission tickets through the ticketzeta.it, ticketzeta.com and myticketzeta.it websites, the User, if explicitly required by the relevant legislation (secondary ticketing, sports events, etc.), must register.
Once registration is completed, the system will send an email confirming registration and verification of infomation.

3- Method of purchase
Payment can be made by credit card or prepaid card through the Stripe secure payment system.

4- Data security
At the payment stage, sending the credit card number through the network is protected as the connection to the bank server is made through a secure transmission protocol based on the SSL3 standard with 128-bit encryption keys. At the end of the payment transaction, the user will be able to view the outcome and will receive an email confirming that the payment has been made. This system allows for maximum protection of the secrecy of the buyer's credit card data as the data does not transit in any way on the ticketzeta.it, ticketzeta.com and myticketzeta.it websites.

5- Method of delivery of tickets and access to the event
The user, after purchasing the ticket, will receive an e-mail of confirmation and payment to the address indicated, and a text message containing the ticket in PDF format, or if provided, with collection at the box office of the facility or by courier shipment.
All users must have a valid Admission Ticket to access the event. The Admission Ticket constitutes a ticket to enter only for the Event for which it was issued, on the day and time indicated therein.
The Organizer has the right to refuse access to the Event Venue due to irregularities in the Entrance Ticket or Confirmation of Purchase or in the event that either of the two is lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged, deteriorated or even partially illegible because it was presented by the Customer not perfectly intact; the Organizer also has the right to carry out checks on the person for security reasons.

6- Exclusion of the right of withdrawal and prohibition of cancellation of the purchase made.
Pursuant to Article 55, paragraph 1 letter b), of Legislative Decree No. 206 of October 6, 2005 (the so-called "Consumer Code"), THE EXERCISE OF THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL referred to in Articles 64 et seq. of the same Consumer Code IS NOT APPLICABLE.
With the acceptance of these general terms and conditions of service and with the successful conclusion of the purchase by the user, the user expressly acknowledges, agrees and accepts that, since UNIBLANCO srls operates on behalf of the Third Party Organizers, UNIBLANCO srls, IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO REFUND OR REPLACE THE ACCESS TITLES PURCHASED.

7- Cancelled and postponed events
In the event of a CANCELLED EVENT, UNIBLANCO srls, in the manner and with the timing decided from time to time by the Organizer as the sole person responsible for the event, undertakes to refund the relative ticket price (net of pre-sale fees and any commissions) only if UNIBLANCO srls itself has been specifically delegated to such refund and to the extent that it has received the necessary provision from the Organizer.
The CUSTOMER is entitled to a refund of the ticket price exclusively if purchased on one of our sales channels: on our website or at an affiliated resale.
This is without prejudice, however, to the right of UNIBLANCO SRLS to retain the pre-sale fee.
In any case of cancellation and/or postponement of the Event, the Client may still turn to the Organizer, to enforce against the same all its rights.

8- Limitations of liability and rights of UNIBLANCO SRLS, regarding events.
UNIBLANCO srls provides the service of ticket sales; it has no title to refund the cost of the full or partial ticket, before, during or after the end of the event; therefore, any refund requests sent to UNIBLANCO srls will not be considered.
UNIBLANCO srls cannot be held responsible in any way for any change or cancellation of the schedule of events on sale.
UNIBLANCO srls is therefore not responsible, for any inconvenience or inconvenience caused to the user, just as it is not obliged to indemnify the cost of the ticket for the cancellation, postponement or change of the event.
UNIBLANCO srls assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect damages related to the organization of individual events.
Finally, UNIBLANCO srls reserves the right to cancel any order whose payment is not properly processed. It is recommended to always check the events on the calendar also on the official website of the Organizer.

9- Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.
The Contract is concluded in Italy and is subject to Italian law.
For any dispute the Court of Agrigento will have exclusive jurisdiction.

10- Assistance and Complaints
It is possible to request information, send communications or file complaints by contacting customer service at info@ticketzeta.com.